Montu Dhillon

Montu Dhillon founded after years of fostering Developer relationships. He was a seasoned securities professional and stock market investor who changed his investing strategy into real estate in 2006. He is experienced with single family homes, duplexes, multi-families, and still holds them in his portfolio. He shifted his focus to condos in 2015 when he calculated the condo market is ripe to rally, and bought several condos in prime areas and counselled clients to do the same. Since then he offers white glove investment help for people looking to diversify their portfolios with one of the easiest asset classes: Condominiums. Offering market, rental, and location analysis, Montu has helped savvy investors achieve staggering returns by soliciting incredible deals via his Platinum Broker connections. He believes the condo rally has just started, and we will see the Manhattanization of Toronto in the next decade.

When he is not working, you can find him camping and golfing. In a tightly contested vote, he was recently named Best-Dad in the World by his two children.