Austin Furtado

Where were you born (city): Oakville, Ontario

Best Memory About Child Hood: Heading up to Sauble Beach for a traditional week-long camping trip with family and friends

Favourite band in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s: Hard to say! There’s too many

Best Vacation Ever: 4 week trip through Greece 2014

Favourite Restaurant: Mo’s Family Restaurant

Scariest Thing That Has Ever Happened to You: Having a phobia of snakes has lead to many frightening moments for me. However, holding a python around my neck definitely takes the win!

Are you superstitious: No

Favourite Song: Summer Nights by Rascal Flats

Next Place you want to visit and why: Dubai or Tokyo – always looking for a new adventure

The Principles you live by: Success is never owned; it’s only rented – and the rent is due everyday.