Where were you born (city): Burlington… only one in my family born in Canada (Mom-U.S., Dad-Scotland, Brother-Saudi Arabia)
Best Memory About Child Hood: Living in Saudi Arabia and Germany… amazing to see so much of the world at such a young age, we did a lot of traveling, met amazing people, and learned how to live among new cultures

Who was your best friend in grade school: Robin Lloyd, met her at the bus stop on the first day of Kindergarten… we still keep in touch!

Favourite movie of all time: Princess Bride

Best vacation ever: Thailand! We spent 3 weeks travelling the country for our honeymoon. Not only is it by far the most beautiful place I have visited, but the local people and the food are amazing too!

Favourite pastime/hobby: Dinner parties, shopping, making jewelery, movie nights.

Favourite sports team: Toronto Maple Leafs… through the good and the bad.

Favourite food and why: Pasta, the one food that i can literally eat all day every day.

Favourite restaurant and why: Seasons… great food great wine great service!

Favourite memory as a child: Eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the summer.