“If Your Money Isn’t Working For You, You’ll Never Stop Working For Money”

At it’s core, Rock Star Real Estate was born because due to the lack of up to date, on the streets, real life strategies available to Canadian investors.

It was obvious that there were opportunities available but how could they be had using reliable systems to produce results, the same thing that makes any business successful.

It was clear that should be a focus.

The idea is to use step by step strategies to set up an income producing asset base for yourself. Not just for the profit and income, but for the freedom of choice in introduces into you life as well.

Your finances are just like an ecosystem, if it is dependent on a single source of water it much less stable than it has multiple. Income works the same way.

We work hand in hand with investors to create multiple sources of income to help them live life on their terms, and the results have been outstanding.

Many of our clients have been featured in national media, as you can see above.

Countless more have used our systems and strategies to live life on their terms and outlined exactly how they’ve done it in this book, “Your Life. Your Terms. The Steps Canadians Are Taking To Live Life On Their Terms.”

At Rock Star we have a complete infrastructure in place for real estate investors, unlike any other real estate company in the country we’re told.

We provide everything from private, one on one, coaching, to special events with 400 – 500 attendees, to our series of investor specific training classes. That is on top of our monthly newsletters, special reports, joint venture networking events, CD and podcast interviews with industry experts, and the list goes on.

If you are already investing in real estate you know how important it is to surround yourself with a group of people who can help you, and you likely know how difficult that is to find. Sometimes even friends and family don’t “get” everything you do.

That is exactly why other investors have reach out to us to tap into the large network that’s been put in place.

If you’re a new investor and are looking for guidance, different investing options, an idea of where to start, or step by step systems, Rock Star has been built on helping you succeed.

Here are a few places to start.

If you have some specific questions or want to get started sooner click here to visit our “Contact Us” page and let us know what you’re looking for.

Our goal is to provide a complete range of resources for investors so they have access to everything they need under one roof. It is something we wanted ourselves years ago but couldn’t find it and we feel fortunate that it’s starting to take shape because of some of the great investors we’ve been able to work with.

Until next time… Your Life. Your Terms.!

– The Rock Star Team

Check out what some other people have said:

“Becoming a member of Rock Star Real Estate has made such a positive impact on my life. They provide so much valuable information and I look forward to reading their monthly newsletter and weekly blogs. In addition to become more knowledgeable in real estate investing, I have also gained valuable insights about marketing, the global economy, and investing in precious metals. Thank you to Tom, Nick, and the rest of the Rock Star team for all the great work you do!”

– Andrew Shin, Toronto, ON

“I have a lot of gratitude for having found Rock Star Realty. Tom and Nick and my coach, Leslie, have offered advice, shared their teachings willingly and have offered fellowship via their member events. The sharing of experiences has come from many sources – the monthly newsletters, the audio recordings, my coach and other members. These shared experiences have brought me confidence, inspiration that it can be done, along with a road map of the bumps and pot holes to avoid or, if not avoided, advice on how not to get derailed. Being part of the Rock Star membership has been AWESOME! I would not have found the success I have today without their help.” 

– Deirdre Dunne, Guelph, ON

“My quest for real estate investing took me in a lot of different directions over the years. Fortunately, I was introduced to Rock Star Real Estate by a friend of mine and fellow investor. From the very first introduction meeting attended, I knew right away this was it. Armed with a concrete system, thanks to Tom and Nick, tireless working coaches Mike and Sarah D, and the whole Rock Star team behind me, I’ve been accomplishing far more, in a few short years, than I could have ever imagined had I been on my own.

From the newsletters, to the member events, to complete real estate services, to property investment seminars, “outside of the box” thinking and ideas, fun adventures with like minded individuals; friends really, it would be hard to categorize Rockstar as a one stop shop for real estate. That’s an “institution.” This Rockstar is more of a lifestyle coupled with the knowledge to live “Your Life, Your Terms.” Someone once said, “money follows speed”. This is my speed and I will be forever humbled and grateful to be in this inner circle.”

– Dean Anderson, Hamilton, ON