Buying Low and Selling High – That’s What It’s All About Right?

liamsoldIf you are looking to buy or sell a home for yourself or your family, you are entering an exciting time.

Whether you’re looking for more space, downsizing, staying in the same area, or moving out of town, a new place to live brings with it new beginnings.

But along the road there are some challenges and a number of questions to be answered.

Like any market, real estate has details that need to be addressed or your end result could cost you more than expected. Sometimes, without structuring things properly you could expose yourself to paying too much or selling for too low.

As a company, Rock Star Real Estate was founded and built on entirely different principles than the norm. (You can check out our whole story here)

Before we get into any details, here are a few tools that will help you with the process:

A Simple, Complete, Easy To Use Ontario Home Search Tool With Up To Date Information

  • – This is one of our websites which makes the search process fast and easy. It pulls live data from the same database Realtors use so you get updates on new properties which come on the market, and it will also display any price drops.

We decided to use our own site because we received feedback from people telling us that many of the sites they were using were slow, cumbersome and had outdated information.

How Much Is Your Home Worth?… Get A Property Valuation Now

You can do a quick home search now if you would like, mark favourite properties and track them to see if any changes come up.

In some areas, this tool is completely automated so you will receive a report within minutes, but in many local areas, the data needed to create such a report cannot be accessed through software.

To fix that, if this report interests you, and you are in an area where the information can’t be publicly accessed, we will build a custom report for you and send it over to ensure you get the information you need.

There’s no cost, and no commitment.

Because we offer these premium services for free people ask us, “What’s in it for you?”

Obviously we are a business so we hope that one day you will do business with us, but instead of telling you about our experience, our values, and all our accomplishments, we try to give you access to what you are looking for.

Then if you decide to have a conversation with someone to help you with your move, we hope we’re included in the mix – if we are great, but if we aren’t, no problem – feel free to use the tools anyway.

If at anytime you need specialized assistance for anything you are doing, have questions, or just want another opinion feel free to reach out to us.

Unlike most other companies, we work as a large team with people focused on every different aspect of real estate.

From multi-million dollar custom homes, to starter homes, or from single family investment properties, to 50+ unit buildings, we have team members working on them all, so we can align you with the one most qualified for your needs.

Instead of working with one person who tries to do everything at Rock Star, you will work with one person (a quarterback if you will) and you will coordinate everything you need and pull the pieces from the different parts of the team as you need them.

Instead of working with a person, you are working with a whole company (you can see the whole team here).

The tools above are a starting point for you and once you are ready to take it to the next level contact us, and we’ll provide you with the Rock Star treatment which aligns with our motto of, “Your Life. Your Terms.”

We’ll talk to you soon!

Check our what some other people have said:

“Rockstar changed our lives. We have learned so much from the Rockstar team, and they have helped us to accumulate Real Estate, hard assets that have increased in value and increased our net worth. We would recommend anyone to join as a member and benefit from the value that the team brings to the table.” 

– Ian & Stevie Folkes, Mississauga, ON

“We were 100% satisfied using Rock Star Real Estate. Our real estate agent, Leslie Kitchen, really personalized the process of looking for houses; she quickly got a sense of what we wanted and booked appointments at houses that fit our criteria. Because we were coming from out of town and wanted to find a place quickly, Leslie facilitated our looking at 25 houses in 2 days. In the end, she helped us find a house within our time frame that was the perfect fit for us.”

Kaitlyn Grasse

“The Rock Star Team is phenomenal! We feel like we have a secret mastermind team in our back pocket! Their support, knowledge and resources have propelled us to success every time. Tom, Nick and everyone on the team are incredible. Just being around them excites us and gets us pumped for our next adventure. It is an honour to work with such a great team!”

Richard & Tania MacDonald, Hamilton, ON