Where were you born (city)? Toronto, ON.

Best Memory About Child Hood? Playing hide and seek down the street with my friends.

Best friend in grade school? Vito Carlucci.

Favourite band in the 1970’s, 1980’s,  90’s, 2000’s? Queen, Michael Jackson, Ace of Base and Eminem.

Favourite/Greatest movie of all time? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Best vacation ever? 2016 Trip to Italy, when I brought my wife to my ancestral home for the first time.

Favourite pastime/hobby? Photography and playing sports.

Favourite Restaurant? – Capocaccia.

Favourite Food and Why? Authentic Neapolitan thin crust pizza. Just melts in your mouth!

Scariest thing that ever happened to you?  Jumped off a 60 foot high cliff off the coast of Calabria when I was 20!

Are you superstitious? No.

Favourite song? Back in Black ACDC, it gets me pumped up!

Next place you want to visit and why? India, I’ve never been to Asia and I always wanted to go there.

The principles you live by? Work hard and play hard!

What you want to be remembered for? Being a great husband and father.

Favourite Pet? Cat