Where were you born (city): Burlington

Best Memory About Child Hood: Playing video games with my dad!

Favourite/Greatest movie of all time: I love so many movies, but horror is definitely my favourite… Gotta love Dawn of the Dead!

Best vacation ever: 3 weeks in St. Martin, or day trip to St. Barths

Favourite sports memory and why: Hitting a grand slam when I played baseball – I was about 10 lol

Favourite Restaurant: Spencer’s on the Lake, Clarkson Pump, K&B Sushi

Scariest thing that ever happened to you: When I was younger I put a big beach towel over my head jumping into a pool, pretending it was a parachute… Obviously. Let’s just say… I wouldn’t recommend it.

Are you superstitious: No

Favourite song: Couldn’t even say! I have a lot of them

Next place you want to visit and why: Vietnam or Bali

The principles you live by: Be the best YOU, you can be! 🙂