Where were you born (city)? Alexandria, Egypt.

Best Memory About Child Hood? Weekly family outings to the beach.

Favourite band in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s?  Growing up, my favourite band was Backstreet Boys. I still listen to their old stuff, but my musical tastes have since evolved.

Favourite/Greatest movie of all time? Hmm, I don’t have a particular one, but some of my top faves are: Dark Knight Trilogy, The Help, Shawshank Redemption, Leon The Professional, and the Fast and Furious series. (I’ll stop there, otherwise this list can drag on.)

Favourite pastime/hobby? I was always a reader, and I still am!

Favourite Food and Why? Same with songs, I don’t really have a particular favourite dish. Though I do enjoy sushi and burritos.

Scariest thing that ever happened to you? I was around 7 or 8 years old and at an amusement park with my parents when one of the rides I was on started before I got in! Definitely scary…

Are you superstitious? Not really, no. (Also, black cats rock! #sorrynotsorry)

Favourite song? At the risk of being repetitive, I don’t have a particular favourite. I listen to several genres and I can’t say there’s one song that stands out over the rest; just a lot of good ones!

Next place you want to visit and why? Japan would be next on my bucket list. Beautiful scenery, tons of history and a unique and interesting culture.

The principles you live by? One principle I’ve always held is: treat others how you want to be treated.

Favourite Pet? Not a favourite, but I absolutely love my 3 cats: Nox, Misha, and Sebastian.