Where were you born (city): Toronto, Ontario.

Best Memory About Child Hood:  Climbing Trees, Building Treehouses, and Jumping Out of Trees.

Who was your best friend in grade school:  Kevin Lee, artist extraordinaire.

Favourite band in the 1980s: Pour Some Def Leppard On Me.

Favourite movie of all time:  What if I told you, it was The Matrix?

Best vacation ever:   Varadero with the white sandy beaches!

Favourite pastime/hobby:  Reading and Crossfit!  … but not at the same time.

Favourite sports memory and why:  Winning the gold medal with the girl’s volleyball team I coached… because I never won a gold playing for my own team.

Favourite food and why: Pizza, I ate it everyday through University and always loved it.

Favourite restaurant and why:  The Keg, we are steak lovers!

Favourite song:  Filous – Dawn.

Next place you want to visit and why:  Hawaii, because there’s something about the blue water.

The principles you live by:  I have found invariably that the steps to success are 1.Gratitude 2.Joy 3.Success, in that order.

What do you want to be remembered for: For changing and improving the lives of those around me.