Where were you born (city): Kitchener, Ontario.
Best Memory About Child Hood: So many – Expo 67, family trip out East between grade 5 & 6, regular week-end trips to cottages, driving home from a family friend’s cottage and listening to the events leading up to the landing on the moon in 1969 and then watching it live on TV when we got home (WOW that was a weekend I’ll never forget), trip to Wasaga with the Voisins, playing in the woods behind our home, playing kick the can with neighbourhood friends, I had a great childhood!!!

Who was your best friend in grade school: Tina Voisin.

Favourite band in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s: The Guess Who(Burton Cummings and Randy Backman), The Beatles, Beach Boys, Celine Dion and Neil Diamond

Favourite movie of all time: I love so many – I don’t think I have an all time favourite.

Best vacation ever: Costa Rica 1992 – 3 days in the rain forest, seeing so much wildlife and spending a couple days near the active volcano (looked like fireworks at night).

Favourite pastime/hobby: Spending time with my husband (watching a really good movie, going for a walk, riding our bikes, etc), spending time with Grand children, traveling, taking pictures and creating albums/collages, playing eucher with friends, and reading.

Favourite sports team: Don’t have one – but like to watch gymnastics and figure skating.

Favourite sports memory and why: Watching Olga Korbut in 1972 at the Munich Olympic Games winning 4 medals (3 Gold, 1 Silver) in gymnastics – why – She inspired me.

Favourite food and why: Spaghetti with either Michael or my home made spaghetti sauce.

Favourite restaurant and why: Marcianos (love Italian food) and the Mandarin (for the variety).

Scariest thing that ever happened to you: holding a tarantula spider.

Favourite book: Think and Grow Rich.

Favourite song: I love a lot of songs, but “Power of Love” by Celine Dion came to mind.

Next place you want to visit and why: Planning a family cruise with my cousins in September 2012 – my cousin is a travel agent and planning the itinerary – wherever she takes us, I’m excited to go!

The principles you live by: Freedom, Choice, Reliability, Honesty, Trust, Compassion and Love.

What you want to be remembered for: Someone who lived life to it’s fullest; committed to ongoing personal growth; inspiring and empowering others to achieve success; a powerful force for greatness; positive attitude and very optimistic; someone who laughed, loved and played and helped turned dreams into reality.