Where were you born (city): Pembury, England
Best Memory About Child Hood: Spending Fridays at my Oma’s house, listening to her telling me stories
Best friend in grade school: Grant, Elissa, Catherine, Erin, Chelsea, Victoria, and I did everything together and still get together regularly.
Favourite band in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s: I don’t listen to enough old music to have favourite bands from previous decades. My current favourites are Damien Rice, Passenger, and Sam Smith.
Favourite/Greatest Movie Of All Time: There are so many great movies but I would probably have to say The Prestige (2006).
Best Vacation Ever: Any one of my trips to NYC. Each one is filled with unique and exciting stories.
Favourite Sports Team: Team Canada? The Olympics are about the only sports I watch.
Favourite Restaurant: I’m a big fan of Syndicate in Grimsby. Great fresh local food.
Scariest Thing That Ever Happened to You: Hitting black ice, spinning out and seeing headlights coming at you. I was fine but that one second was pretty terrifying.
Are You Superstitious: To a degree. You’ll see me knocking on wood, but I also own two black cats, and I’ve been known to leave shoes on the table.
Favourite Song: Anything by Damien Rice. I can’t pick just one.
Next Place You Want to Visit and Why: I’m planning on visiting the UK for my honeymoon. I was born in England and my fiancé has family in Scotland so it seems like the perfect place to visit.
The Principles You Live By: Live, love and learn. Love unapologetically.
What You Want to Be Remembered For: I want to be remembered as someone who gave his all in everything.