Where were you born (city): Changchun, China

Best Memory About Child Hood: Probably Chinese New Year, unlimited food, pop, TV, fireworks, and playing with the cousins I only get to see once or twice a year.

Favourite/Greatest movie of all time: Zootopia, and all Marvel’s superhero movies.

Best vacation ever: London, UK.

Favourite pastime/hobby: Jigsaw puzzles and wandering in IKEA.

Favourite Restaurant: Ancaster Mills.

Favourite Food and Why: Noodles, and almost all desserts, especially crème Brule.

Scariest thing that ever happened to you: On the way from Calgary to Edmonton in winter, my car started to spin on the highway after I pressed the brakes, and ended up in the ditch caught in the snow. Luckily no one hit me when I was spinning!

Are you superstitious: No.

Favourite song: Desperado, by Eagles.

Next place you want to visit and why: Buenos Aires and spend some time there to learn Spanish.

The principles you live by: Pursue excellence and success will follow.

What you want to be remembered for: Someone who is kind and warm, and makes a positive difference to the people around me.

Favourite Pet: Our cat Momo (although I am allergic to her, she is still my favourite).