Where were you born (city)? Montreal, Quebec.

Best Memory About Childhood? Incredible snowball fights with my brothers and the kids in my neighbourhood.

Best friend in grade school? There were a few – I don’t think I should play favourites.

Favourite band in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s? Foo Fighters & All 90’s rock.

Favourite/Greatest movie of all time? Shawshank Redemption & The Sandlot.

Best vacation ever? Europe Tour – Ireland, Scotland, England & Italy.

Favourite pastime/hobby? Building anything with my hands – especially renovations.

Favourite Restaurant? The Keg, La Cantina

Favourite Food and Why? Steak & Pasta – Protein and Carbs – Love me some carbs.

Scariest thing that ever happened to you? Accidently and unknowingly walking through downtown Harlem at night.

Are you superstitious? Not overly. But if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mama’s back.

Favourite song? Aerosmith – Dream On.

Next place you want to visit and why? Back to Europe for family and so much more to see.

The principles you live by? Be real and be honest – Life is easier that way.

What you want to be remembered for? My hard work to provide anything and everything I can for my family.

Favourite Pet? Halligan – My chocolate lab.